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Spokane Catholic Network Bulletin Service 

     Is your parish using bulletin service within our Spokane diocese?   

Spokane Catholic Network serves our Spokane diocese parishes and sponsors better.


Parishes We Serve

Our Lady of Fatima, St. Aloysius, St Augustine, St. Anthony, St. Charles, St. Francis Xavier, 

St. Joseph-Colbert, St. Mary Presentation-Deer Park, St. Peter, Immaculate Conception (Colville) Sacred Heart of Jesus (Kettle Falls) Pure Heart of Mary (Northport)

If your parish is not listed above, stop by and pick up a bulletin and compare.

We know, love, serve and are served by local Spokane Catholic businesses.  

We pray all of our Spokane Diocese parishes will do the same. 

For Spokane Diocese Parishes We Offer:

*   High Quality No Cost Bulletin Service For Your Parish.

*   Same Day Service! Faster Turn Around! Design, Send, & Receive!

*   Shorter Lead Time, - More Relevant Bulletins-Send Thursday, Receive Thursday.

*   Better Image Quality! Crisp Easy To Read Print and Crisp Photos! 

*   More Usable Space - Use Larger Fonts & Or More Content On Each Page.

*   More Vibrant Colors And Print That Does Not Run Or Smear, Even When Wet.

*   High Quality Paper That Feels Better With Less See Through From 2nd Side.       

*   Delivery Service Without Fail! We Have Always Delivered No Matter How Much Snow!  

*   A local (509) Phone Number That Shows Parish Support Of Local Catholic Business. 

*   A Fair Sponsorship Program That Fills Ad Spaces With Parishioner Owned Businesses.

    For Parishioner Owned Businesses We Offer:


*   Better More Effective Marketing - Leading to More Parishioners Supporting Each Other.  

*   Low Sponsorship Rates - Treating Our Neighbors As Ourselves.   

*   More Flexibility In Space & Size For Sponsors. 

*   Unlimited Weekly Ad Changes For Sponsors At No Extra Cost.

*   Full Color Ads At No Extra Cost.

*   Larger Ad Spaces - Better Value. 

*   Listing In This 1st & Only Spokane Catholic Business Directory.

*   A Purchasing Program That Supports Our Spokane Catholic Business Community.

                   When We Need Goods & Services, WE BUY LOCAL!


We Support Spokane Diocese Catholic Appeal, Local Parishes & Local Catholic Charities.

      Give Us Call And Make The Switch Today!


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